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Underground Hip Hop Artist, CEO of CNO

AC Killer was born on November 17, 1985 in Los Angeles California. Growing up and living a very hard childhood helped shape AC. AC's teachers and parents labeled him as "severely emotionally disturbed" and started medicating him at the early age of seven. A few years later, at the age of eleven, AC was admitted to a mental institution by his parents. They felt that was a better alternative than the California Youth Authorities. 

            Although AC's childhood was a rough one, he was always able to find refuge in his love for music. Before finishing high school, AC dropped out to pursue another passion of his: Art. At seventeen years old, AC began taking a graphic design course at West Valley Occupational Center and quickly picked up photoshop and other key elements. A few short months later, the Criminal Nation Organization was born. 

        Although AC grew up not having any friends in school, once he had dropped out it was almost as if people from all walks of life were drawn to him. He then labeled this motley crew of hoodlum friends the "Criminal Nation" or "CN". Shortly after adding the "Organization", his neighbor Jim in the alley dubbed the crew "CNO", a name that is strong worldwide to this day, even years after Jim's untimely death. Some original hats and beanies from the year 2003 with only "CN" embroidered on them can still be found on places such as eBay at a hefty premium of course.

          The CNO became a large crew and was growing rapidly in the years following its creation. The Los Angeles Police Department quickly caught wind of the CNO and obtained a search warrant to raid AC's mother's house where he then lived and was the home to daily CNO meetings with over a hundred CNO Souljahz on any given night. After AC was released, he went home, but this time to a different home: his own home. AC rented his first apartment and moved out of his mother's home. This was a big blow to the ever growing CNO. AC couldn't run such a large organization from such a small apartment. During this period, the CNO went from hundreds of members to less than twenty.

         With a great struggle also came a great blessing; one of AC's friends let him know that a neighbor of his who lived in the same apartment was a former high school classmate of his. He then introduced him to his friend who went by the name Heinz. AC and Heinz hit it off immediately and became the best of friends. Heinz let AC know that he makes beats and AC let Heinz know that he raps. At that very moment, they rushed to Guitar Center and purchased equipment to start making music together and a bond was formed. 

       Local public access television stations then became a home for AC, Heinz, and the CNO as they became familiar faces to most of the Los Angelenos flipping television stations at all times of the day. After a while, Warner Cable dropped the public access station from its lineup and AC once again felt another blow to an organization that he was trying his hardest to get off the ground. AC felt hopeless but God had other plans. 

         In late 2007, AC's friend affectionately known as "Fat Johnny" informed him that hip hop mega star and member of multi platinum Grammy award winning group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony "Bizzy Bone" would be doing an autograph signing in the Los Angeles area at a record store. AC stood in line for hours and finally met Bizzy. Before AC could say one word to Bizzy, Bizzy looked at AC and with a tear in his eye told him that he reminded him of his brother Capo who was murdered. AC and Bizzy formed a bond. The following day, AC, Heinz, and Fat Johnny loaded up AC's 1982 Cadillac DeVille with all their studio equipment and drove to Bizzy's hotel room across Los Angeles to record their first song together. After that, they filmed a music video and started working on their first full length album together.

          Not long after, AC, Bizzy, and Heinz became a musical team. Now, after the success of their first album "Countdown to Armageddon", they are preparing to release the second album in their trilogy: "The Battle of Armageddon". AC has now taken on the responsibility of leading a nation: a Criminal Nation Organization. With a league of only three hundred CNO Souljahz, AC believes this industry can be changed for the better. 

       AC has been quoted saying many times that he has wanted to give up. But then he is haunted by all the struggles he endured as a child. And he  believes that God has called him to be a voice of faith in an industry saturated with filth and fear and to do for children what nobody was able to do for him: give hope, even if that hope is through music.


Now Available - The Unholy Trinity
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The Battle of Armageddon
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Bill Cosby Fu*ked Me!
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Criminal Nation Organization Vol 6: Best of Part One
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7th Sign Tribute Record : The Sign of Seven
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Angels & Demons - Criminal Nation Organization Vol. 3
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CNO Squad - CNO OR DIE: Criminal Nation Organization Vol. 2
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Bizzy Bone & AC Killer's New Album "Countdown to Armageddon"
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Underground Hip Hop Artist, CEO of CNO
Sr. Producer & Enginer
Bizzy Bone
Hip Hop Artist, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Member
Apocalyptic Preacher
Assassin, Alter-ego, Preacher
Bud the Bud Leaf
Jr. Director of Marijuana Marketing and Sales
G Nyce
Underground Hip Hop Artist, Video Director.
Jon Wolff
Director of Visual Arts
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