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Angels was born, Matthew Moyer, in Anaheim, Orange County, California at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital on June 1st. Angels then located to San Angelo La Puenta, Los Angeles County California. Due to family problems and the environment he was raised in, his father decided to relocate the family to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where his father was born. Angel born into a bi-racial family having a Caucasian father and a Mexican mother growing up wasn't all that easy and being a mixed child at times meant you weren't always accepted. Angel kept it moving, and found a passion for music when listening to Snoop Dogg's "Doggystyle" album which was his first encounter with good hard bodied rap. Along with many others that influenced Angels, that lead him to his self taught production, engineering, and graphic designing skills. Angels mourns the timely death of his 19 yr old brother, who he lost in a fatal car accident on July 23rd 2004. His brother was a major influence in his life, for his brother was his #1 fan and always pushing him to get his life straight and to get away from drug dealing, the streets and dedicate his time to his dream of success in the rap game. (FOREVER REST IN PEACE). Growing older Angels pushed forward and kept making music which landed him 2 studio sessions in Studiometronome in Brookline, New Hampshire and Sanctum Sounds in Boston, Mass. with production By Steve Catizone, Jay Frigaletto, Pete Peliquin, and James Bildeou and recorded a hit dubbed "My Life". Working with CNO records presently to craft his solo debut and hopefully one day achieve his ultimate dream of success in the industry. Angels graduated from Fullsail University obtaining his bachelor degree in entertainment business and graphic art design! To find out more about this artist connect with him via twitter: @onlyoneangels, Instagram: @onlyoneangels 




Underground Hip Hop Artist, CEO of CNO
Sr. Producer & Enginer
Bizzy Bone
Hip Hop Artist, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Member
Apocalyptic Preacher
Assassin, Alter-ego, Preacher
Bud the Bud Leaf
Jr. Director of Marijuana Marketing and Sales
G Nyce
Underground Hip Hop Artist, Video Director.
Jon Wolff
Director of Visual Arts
CNO Souljah'z
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